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Meet and Indulge

Naturally, when you meet up with your escort for the first time, you may feel nervous about how you will interact with her. After all, it is a jaw-droppingly beautiful woman that is ready to spend time with you. It is normal that you may feel a little intimidated, especially if you are still new to the escorting scene.

If you are nervous about just meeting and talking to your companion, there is no doubt that when you both return to your hotel room, you are probably going to feel like you are out of your depth. A beautiful woman spreading her legs for you is not something you encounter every day unless you are in a very happy marriage, so you may tense up, feel uncomfortable or worse, feel so nervous that you are unable to actually maintain your erection.

Don't fall victim to this! For there is genuinely no reason to feel scared or nervous around your escort. Remember, your Swank Companion will feel just as nervous as you. The only difference will be is that she will have had time to get used to this due to her involvement in the profession as a whole. Her entertainment experience will allow her to hide it a little more easily, but do not be fooled!

Your Escort is Human too

Underneath your Escort's Pretty face lies a normal woman.

Let's just repeat that for clarity:

A Normal Woman with:

Feelings, Thoughts, and Intelligence

Once you start to see a beautiful escort as a normal human being, with similar thoughts, feelings, wants and needs, then it will be easier to be intimate with her. If you feel intimidated by her, then the best way to calm down is to actually talk to her about it. There is no reason to feel ashamed about your needs since there is genuinely nothing that will be able to truly surprise your Escort.

Worldly Wise Beauties

Remember that your Escort is a trained professional. That means that she is an experienced entertainer. If you are nervous about any of the sexual activities that you want out of the night, then be sure to ask your companion for her own advice.

Your Gorgeous Lady will take your evening as slowly as you need in order to get you comfortable. If you require foreplay, then be sure to let her know. Each of our Companions has their own selected services that you can purchase. Your Escort will be able to advise you on how to create a soft intimacy to fit the mood, as well as which services will be able to warm you up before you get down to business. These services will include:

  • OWO
  • GFE
  • PSE
  • CIM
  • CIF
  • FK
  • A-Level
  • BDSM/Domination
  • Costumes
  • Roleplay
  • Toys
  • Fetish

Do not worry about stuffing every service into one hour. What matters is that you feel fully satisfied by the end. Sex is natural and thus you should only do what feels best for you. Your Companion would be happy to discuss your sexual habits and interests at the very start of the date. This is so that she can get to know you and make sure that you will feel the best version of yourself during your intimacy.

Don't feel shy about letting your companion know what interests you and what would make you feel good. Your Companion is there to make you feel good about yourself, thus you should never feel embarrassed about confiding in your companion. Your Escort will make you feel like you can talk to her about anything that is on your mind. So take your time and indulge. Your beautiful lady is here to serve you and your every desire.

Take a Breath and Relax

If you are not comfortable with jumping straight into your escort's sexual activities then why not save it till later on in the date. What matters is that you feel comfortable with your dream woman. Enjoy getting to know her over a glass of wine, take her out to see a show or simply indulge in a meal together. That will give you the opportunity to get to know her instead of just jumping into bed with her. Sometimes it is comforting to know that there is an emotional human being behind the beautiful body, meaning that the intimacy will actually provide a bond between you.

Take your time, breath and try not to panic about the experience. If you keep your cool then you will find that you will eventually ease into the experience and fully enjoy it.

Pick a Location where you feel comfortable

You won't be able to perform if you are not in an environment where you feel comfortable. That's why you need to pick the perfect place where you will feel good about getting intimate with your escort. This can either be in your own home, your escort's home or even in a hotel. If you are worried about our privacy being invaded or nosey neighbors being involved in your more intimate moments, then the perfect place to go will be to your companion's house. That way you know you will be in a safe environment and will always be able to perform. Talk this through to your companion to find the best place you can get to know each other. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is what you should act upon. Never feel ashamed and simply enjoy yourself.

Indulge in your most Carnal Desires

Sex is a completely normal thing between every man and woman. This is why meeting an experienced escort is the perfect way to get used to your wilder side. Allow your Swank Companion to tease out sexual interests that you never even knew you had! Before you know it, you will be a wild man in the sheets!