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Blondes are the Bomb!

What sort of world would it be if you didn’t have a spunky blonde that is ready to liven up your evening? Blondes do a lot more than simply liven up their roots, after all, when you are in the room with one of Swank’s Blonde Companions, you are in the room with a girl who knows that she is hot stuff. From the moment you meet your gorgeously blonde companion, you know that you will be in for a treat during the evening time.

Bring a bit of youthful cheer back into your dating life and meet one of Swank’s Blonde Escort’s today!

Unique Numbers

There is a reason why so many women dye their hair blonde. A natural blonde is an extremely rare treasure, with half of the world's population only having around 2% of people having this hair colour. This is why your companion's beautiful glossy hair is like a gem in itself. Not only does it shine with a vivacious hue, but you can take pride in knowing that she is a true blonde. She is the real deal, not a fake a blonde. That means that you have a true prize that is ready to go out with you for a night of fun.

Not only is the colour itself unique but did you know that blonde haired people actually have more hairs on their head? They have an average of around 146,000 strands per head, meaning that their hair naturally has more body and bounce to it. So take as much time as you need to fully admire your escort's beautifully shiny locks, for she will only let her hair down and relax whilst she is in your company.

A Youthful Sheen

We naturally associate blondes to the stereotypes of being bubbly, full of life, youthful, free and innocent. Whilst this may come with its negative stereotypes of being dumb or airheaded, in reality, it is a colour that makes her look younger. Not only does light blonde hair hide away any stray grey locks, but it naturally softens our impressions of an escort.

Blonde is an extremely shiny colour and, as we all know, all of our most high-end clients do love shiny things. Whether that is in a car's paint, a diamond ring or a glistening pool surface, having a blonde escort will only add to your collection. With an escort that radiates with a hair colour that is the very essence of gold, you will see how well she reflects your status and power. You deserve a beautiful blonde to be on your arm, especially if she makes you look powerful, and highlights your wealth.

Gentlemen love a Blonde Babe

Science can provide the answers behind why gentlemen prefer blonde beauties over any other colour of hair. It is due to the blonde's natural confidence and their approachability. You may find that a brunette may be less approachable because of the intellectual and independent stereotypes associated with her hair. However, blondes, with their youthful and fun-loving visage, are easy to talk to and will fill you with confidence during your conversation.

Studies have even shown that men prefer blonde women over any other hair colour. In one experiment, a woman went to a cafe in different coloured wigs. They found that with a blonde wig, over 127 men flirted with the woman, whilst in her brown wig she only had 84 men approach her and even less for a redhead wig. This may be due to her "approachability", or just the enhancement that a bright colour did for the model's face. Either way, you will always feel comfortable and in good hands when you meet your blonde escort for the first time. A Blonde's attitude can be infectious, so be sure to spend as much time as possible with her if you after a pep up!

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