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Your Mate is your Choice

When it comes to your sexuality, you can't help your preferences. There is nothing abnormal about a woman lusting over another woman, or a man lusting over another man. At the end of the day, love is love and it should be celebrated for what it is: Beautiful.

Here at Swank Escorts, we understand that human sexuality is a diverse set of categories. What works for one person may not be the preference of another. That is why all of our sexy London companions are flexible enough to satisfy every dirt fantasy that enters the mind of our clients. They are happy to appease them. Whether these desires involve a naughty blonde, a sexy curvy vixen or even an international treasure, as long as our beautiful models are treated with respect, then they are happy to make all of your sexiest dreams come to life.

Our Swank Companions are happy to meet you whether you are a man or a woman, so feel free to take your time to get to know them. Our Escorts will give you as much time as you need to feel comfortable with and will always be there to help you understand your feelings.

So get ready for a night of passion, for our lesbian escorts here to provide the spark needed to turn up the heat of your night together.

A Safe Place

For those that are still blossoming into their sexuality, or at least have not yet been able to open up about their true feelings, meeting with one of our Lesbian Escorts can be the perfect way to learn about yourself and pave the way for you to potentially "come out of the closet" to your friends and family in the future.

Our Escorts will always provide you with the love and respect needed to make you feel comfortable with yourself, especially if you have not been with another woman prior to your date. It can be difficult to know how to handle this experience, especially as when you were a youth, your school probably did not provide you with the correct education needed to understand your feelings. This may mean that you now are finding it difficult to connect with people of your same gender, or worse, feel confident enough to know how to make love with them. This can cause a plethora of problems for you as an adult, especially when it comes to being able to openly admit your sexuality and start the dating process.

Adam Dachi, LGBT writer on "Life Hacker", has even said in response to these problems that these LGBT bloomers need to

"take the time to learn about what you want now that you've chosen not to hide who you are, and try new things slowly. It does get better, but only with patience."

Our Swank Escorts will always give you the time and space needed for you to grow comfortable with her. You do not need to do everything immediately. Your Companion would be happy to guide you through the process, or even just talk to you about what you feel comfortable with. It is not a race to experience everything right away. Just take it slow and only take the next step when you feel ready to do so. Your chosen Escort will be able to guide you throughout the entire experience. So there is no need to feel worried or scared. If you do start feeling nervous, simply express your feelings and your escort will slow down for you.

Easing into it

Our Swank Escorts will never rush you or make you feel uncomfortable. Your experience with our delicious lesbian beauties will always have you as the main focus.

If you are looking to enhance your experience, then your Swank Companion would be happy to provide you with some tips and tricks to make sure you are always satisfied. A Lesbian Experience always tends to be a lot more intimate than an experience with a man. It usually requires a lot more touching, foreplay and bodily contact. That is why you should never rush your sexual experience with your Swank Escort.

Our Sexy Companions have all the experience needed to ease you into the bedroom. In addition to this, you have inadvertantly had your own experiences! Masturbation habits will become your best friend during these experiences, and will provide you with the most intimate of moments and movements, such as finding the G-Spot, or even knowing how to rub your lover's clitoris properly.

So relax and enjoy! Your companion will always be there to help you get used to the feelings and emotions that accompany the experience.

Comfort and Love

When you first come out, it can be extremely hard to accept yourself and all of your feelings. But you need to remind yourself: You deserve to be loved . That is why you will simply adore meeting one of our Lesbian escorts. When you are feeling down about yourself, or are going through a dark or rough period, our companion is ready to help you move away from that. Women have been known to be better listeners and will completely know the struggle of what you are going through. Whether that is with your sexuality or just with life in general. Women can bond over the similarity of your struggles, thus you and your companion can simply relax and talk about the world. Even if you just want to meet a companion to know you are not alone in the world, booking a London Companion can also lead to making a new friend.

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