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When it comes to picking your perfect London Companion, you want a woman who is not only classy but has a mature attitude when it comes to life. You do not want someone who is too overly dramatic or clingy, which you may come to expect when you meet a vivacious blonde. Instead, you need a strong independent modern woman who has everything an entrepreneur wants and more. All these qualities can be found in a Brunette Swank Escort.

Classic Beauties

You are a man who has a full sense of who he is. You know how to dress well, sound good and make yourself into the alpha male. You get what you want when you want, and you want a woman who can live up to all your expectations.

A Brunette Companion is a woman that is classy and always knows how to present herself with an aura of sophistication. They can never go wrong with their fashion sense. Whilst some colours on a blonde escort can make them appear trashy, for a Brunette, it is essential for a fashionable woman, according to Hannah Widdison and Mel Davies from the "BBC", to maintain

"colour in their outfits. As long as they keep dark, dull colours to a minimum then (they'll) always look stunning and vibrant."

A Brunette Beauty will always wear a subtle range of colours that will turn her into a true fashionista. Combine her sexy outfit style with her smoky eye style and her dark red lipstick, and you will have a true femme fatale on your arm. With a woman whose erotic appeal practically skyrockets by just being on your arm, you know that you will have the eyes of every gentleman on your beautiful companion. But you can rest easy knowing that for the rest of the evening your beautiful brunette will always be fully focused on you.

An Intense Combo of Intelligence and Beauty

Do you really want a blonde "airhead" on your arm? Whilst not all blondes reflect their stereotype, they still retain a soft and slightly ditzy appearance. You want a beauty that is strong and powerful, independent enough to take full control over their lives and their overall destinies. A Brunette Beauty knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get it. If that is your attention, then you will see how well your London Escort dresses and acts just to win your approval. A study on the Talko even showed that showed that around 67% of men believed that brunettes are self-sufficient, whilst 40% believed that blondes were too needy and dependent on them and their money.

You want a high-powered individual who can hold her own. That way, whether you undertake a private dining experience, or go to a work conference, you will always know that your brunette beauty does not always need you in order to look confident and elegant. Pick the woman who represents you wisely, for a Brunette is always in control and will emphasise your best qualities.

The "Untouchable" Type

When it comes to dating a Brunette Babe, one of the main reasons why you may feel attracted to her is due to the fun the of the chase. Brunettes often give off the impression of being untouchable. After all, they are fiercely independent, extremely intelligent and can be extremely intimidating for some men’s tastes.

However, you are not one of those men. You are an alpha male that is ready to have a lady that is just as dominant in her behaviors as you are. Do you really want someone who is clingy and immature? No, you want a lady that can hold her own and is powerful in her conversation and sexuality. That is what makes a brunette truly attractive and worthy of your company.

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