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Curved Cuties at your Fingertips

From the moment you take a look at our London Escort's Gallery, you will see how each of our sexy escorts has a completely womanly shape and feminine figure. You want a woman who can live up to all of your sexual desires and more. After all, from the moment you want an escort in your life, you have expectations in regards to how they will look and act.

This is why your Sexy Escorts just has to have the curves to match all of your expectations. Set with the perfect face, bust line, thighs, legs and ass, your Swank Companion is the sort of woman who looks good in any outfit. Her body is simply the epitome of what you expect every woman to look like. Only you truly deserve to have all of your fantasies fulfilled. So do not waste your time on the everyday average escort. Pick a woman who truly deserves you and is completely worth her rates: A Swank Escort.

Putting Curves at the Forefront

Of course, when you think of a curvy escort, you naturally consider her breasts above the rest of her hourglass shape. An Escort's breasts are the perfect pillow to rest your head against, but also are the perfect means of bringing up the sexual tension in a hotel room. How are you going to say no to your Curvy Companion when she has pressed all of her curves up against you? You know that you won't be able to resist the "girls" of our ladies. So simply indulge in them, cuddle up against them or even just rest your head on them.

Swank's Curvy Escorts are some of our most popular companions. Their womanly assets are the key to their success, so they are ready for you to lavish their feminine features in attention. Even sociological studies have said that the appeal of a woman's breasts is one of the main ways that a woman naturally attracts men into her company. French Researchers even set up a study to test out which size of breast really appealed to men. This was done by a woman being fitted with different sizes of padded bras before being sent to a cafe. The results found that as her breast size increased, so did the number of men who approached her.

So never be afraid to indulge in a beautiful escort's curves. If you ask nicely, you may get to see them in a more intimate setting. But outside of that, she will certainly be watching to see if you steal a quick glance at her body. Gaining your approval is her main priority, so do not let her down by ignoring her beautiful body!

Womanly Expectations

When it comes to the perfect body, naturally, all women are after the perfect Hour-Glass Shape. This shape is simply wonderful to match to any sort of clothing styles, as well as gives a sexually feminine curve.

To consider curves in a more animalistic sense, a primary instinct is to see a woman and her curves as more healthy, and thus more fertile. As humans still hold this primal instinct, we are naturally attracted to more curvy figures. That means that any sort of wide hips, chests and asses are extremely appealing, especially when a beautiful escort knows how to tease with her clothing choice.

Swank's Curvy Models are all extremely professional and are ready to make their bodies appeal to any sort of man who desires them. Nothing could be sexier than seeing her strip off her clothes, bit by bit. Your Curvy Escort is like the perfect present to unwrap. So take your time indulging in her covered assets before getting to know her hidden treasures underneath. Your Escort has put a lot of effort into her appearance, thus deserves to be lavished in your praise and attention.

The Perfect Cuddles

The last thing that you want to experience is meeting an escort who has a body that reflects a pile of bones. During any sort of intimacy, this may lead you to feeling uncomfortable as she may be too boney to hold properly. Skinny women occasionally tend to have an unhealthy circulation and tend to feel colder to touch. This is why you should book a curvy woman so that whenever you cuddle up against her, you can feel assured that your beauty will always be warm.

Curvy Ladies always give the best cuddles. They are not only soft but the gentle caress of their skin against your own feel like ecstasy. Don't force yourself to endure a freezing pair of hands upon your body. Instead, enjoy all of the soft, womanly attributes that a curvy escort has to offer. Not only will your companion always be gentle with you, but her soft skin will truly allow you to indulge in her gentle feminity in opposite to your rough and ready masculinity.

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Once you have found a Curvy Beauty that you just can't get enough of, it is time to book her for a date! You can book your date by contact Swank Escorts. This can be through Phone, Email or through our Online Booking System.

From there, you will be guided through the remainder of the booking process by our Professional Reception Team. They would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have, and will always keep your privacy as their top priority. That way you can simply sit back and relax as they fully organise your date. All you have to do is enjoy it.

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