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Beauty in a Single Frame

When it comes looking into the Galleries of different London Escorting Websites, you may come across the same photo time and time again. A beauty with a wide smile in a provocative pose to entice you. However, the more you stare at the pictures, the more that you find that is just too perfect to fully trust. After all, how can you trust a face that you have only seen on the internet?

You want the sort of beauty that isn't just created from design software. You want a model that can look good without all the effects and colour schemes that have been added to her photos. That is why you should be looking into finding a Selfie Escort. A Selfie Escort can prove that she is a beauty with or without all the fancy photo effects.

Swank Escorts is an agency that stands by one simple motto: What you see is what you get. That way you can always feel in control of your dates and the sort of beauty that you are able to indulge in.

What is a Selfie Escort?

Who would have thought that in the modern era, beautiful women would be using mobile phones to take images of themselves, by themselves? A Selfie was never intended to be a high-quality photograph. In fact, it is a way for those who are tech-savvy or social media addicts, to capture a moment in time.

Perhaps it was because of a really good hair day or because of a beautiful background, either way, it was worth capturing with an image of themselves within it. Not only can a selfie express a means of creating a self-image, but it is also the perfect way of expressing an emotion. That means, if any of Swank's Escorts take a selfie, they are showing you a more vulnerable and natural side to themselves. Whether it is just to capture a sensual or happy moment, our Escorts are ready to invite you in and allow you to see a more personal side to themselves. This captures an image that is genuinely outside of their work personas.

A Face you can Trust

When you see an Escort in a Selfie, you can see her in her full colours. You will see her environment, her appearance and potentially her body without filters, lighting or any image altering effects. What you see is a human being behind the glamour and pomp of the Escorting personality.

But wasn't that what you wanted from the start? Another human being who isn't just a cardboard cut out of a beautiful woman. You want someone who is a real woman, someone who holds personality traits from both sides of the coin, in other words, holds:

Both Perfections and Flaws.

A Selfie is a perfect way to expose anything that a model is trying to hide. That way, you can love her for her flaws from the moment you see her in person.

You and your companion should never hide anything from each other. That way you can truly bond when you are on your date.

The Reality of the Situation

Selfie on an escorting website is the perfect way to distinguish the real beauties from the not. If there are any suspicions that the Escort is not who she says she is, then she may be asked to present a selfie of herself. That way, the agency can feel secure in uploading her images to their website, and clients can feel like they are going to meet a real person, rather than just a photograph.

A Selfie is not only a means of expression but of security.

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