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A Perfect Pair of Pretties

There is only one thing that is better than an individual London escorts is the prospect of meeting duo London escorts

When it comes to choosing your escort, you want her to be a dream brought into reality. You want her to be elegant and confident, a vision of loveliness in both personality and appearance. You want her entertaining skills to be top-notch, and her social skills to be perfectly refined and focused entirely on you.

You may think that this sort of lady is only a fantasy. But with Swank Escorts, we aim to deliver you only the most refined duo escorts London has to offer. With two ladies tending to all of your needs, and more, you will find yourself lost in a paradise that you will never hope to leave.

Both of your duo London escorts will work together to make sure you are fully happy, whether you are out in a fancy restaurant, spending together on a walk or cuddling together in a hotel, you will always have two companions who will work hard to satisfy all of your deepest desires.

Which of your favourite companions is a duo London escort?

You will be able to find all of our duo London escorts within our main gallery as well as a number of our most popular locations, such as Barking (IG11) or Dagenham (RM8). Do not worry if you are struggling to locate your perfect duo, for all of our companions have one fellow escort who they would be comfortable pairing up with. You should place your trust in your escort, especially as she knows who she will be able to work with her efficiently to make sure you are fully cared for.

Your chosen escort's favourite duo pairing will always be listed in her profile. However, if you would like more assistance finding your perfect duo, feel free to contact Swank Escort's reception team. They would be happy to provide you with more information concerning the different Swank Duos and their potential costs.

What services will my Duo escorts in London provide?

Your Duo-Pair will provide the same services that any of our escorts would normally provide you. The one difference is that you will receive double the pleasure from two beautiful women instead of one. These may be in the form of a social visit. However, you may also get to experience a more sexual delight to the evening.

So relax and enjoy your time with one of our duo escorts in London. Their attention will always be on you, so you can simply indulge in the excitement of two beautiful ladies tending to your every need.

Will a Duo Escort Cost more?

As a Duo Pair will involve two escorts, rather than just one, this is counted as a different service to a normal date. This means that the rates of your companion will rise from her original prices, especially if you require any additional services/sexual services, go to expensive venues or need your escort to travel to meet you. If you want assistance tallying up your final costs, feel free to contact Swank in order finalise your total fee.

How do I book a Duo-Companion?

If you are ready to book your duo London escort, then it is the same process as booking a single companion. Once you have explored our Duo-Gallery, you can either book them over the phone, via email or through our Online Booking System. From there you will be put in contact with our Reception Team to assist you through the remainder of the booking process. You can also ask our professional reception team to help you choose your perfect duo.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.