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Finding the right relationship can be a tiring process. After all, courtship is long and arduous and most of the time it is to find a partner that would be happy to mistreat you or leave you feeling worse about yourself. The last thing you need in your life is someone who will make you lose confidence in your own abilities. You do not need that hassle. So instead of repeating the tiring process of getting ready for a new date, why not go out to meet a Swank Escort instead? They will give you the respect that you deserve.

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Whether you are a man or a woman, as you search for your dream partner, it is common to encounter a few bad eggs along the way. However, whilst it is normal to find people who just do not suit your personality, it is not normal to experience such incompatibility that your relationship turns emotionally abusive. Katie Ghose, the Chief Executive of Women's Aid has even said:

"Everyone has arguments, and everyone disagrees with their partners, family members and others close to them from time to time, but if this begins to form a consistent pattern, if it starts to make you feel intimidated, controlled or fearful, then it’s a sign that you could be in an abusive relationship."

Should you feel like you are falling into this unhealthy cycle with your partner, then you need to keep an eye out for these sort of warning signs:

  • Intensity

If your partner rushes into your relationship and exclaims their feelings or act like they are completely obsessed with you, always wanting to see and speak to you, then this could be a warning sign of future.

  • Jealousy

If your partner starts lashing out due to jealousy or tries to take control of your, i.e. in seeing your friends or family members, as well as gets possessive about you talking to the opposite gender, this could be a sign of emotional abuse.

  • Manipulation

If your partner tries to influence your decision or emotions, then this could be a sign of manipulation. This could include convincing you to do something you're not comfortable with, ignoring you until you give in to them. Either way, this is an example of emotional abuse.

  • Isolation

If your partner tries to keep you away from your friends, family and from meeting other people, making you choose between them and the people in question, this is a sign of emotional abuse. This can also lead to making you feel dependent on them.

  • Sabotage

If your partner purposefully tries to ruin your reputation, such as start rumors behind your back or making you miss work to spend time with them, as well as threatening to share private information about you, then this is a sign of emotional abuse

  • Belittling

If your partner makes you feel bad about yourself whether you are in and out of your friendship circle, this is a sign of emotional abuse. Whilst couples do tend to make rude jokes about each other in other's company, if this becomes slowly one-sided, then your relationship is clearly going downhill.

  • Guilting

If your partner guilts you or makes you feel responsible for their actions, such as blaming you for their unhappiness or pressurising you for something (i.e. sex), then this is a sign that you are experiencing emotional abuse

  • Volatility

If you feel like you are walking on eggshells around your partner, or feel that everything that you do makes them angry or causes drama, then clearly you and your partner are not right for each other. Do not let this emotional drama continue.

  • Deflecting Responsibility

If your partner makes excuses for their behavior, (i.e. the common excuse of, "I do it because I love you") or seem to blame others for this mistakes, this is a prime example of unhealthy emotionally abusive behavior

  • The Two-Faced Betrayer

Your partner may start acting differently in public to how they talk to you in private. Their actions can highlight that they are only willing to treat you with respect when they are out in public. If they are not willing to treat you with respect both inside and out of your home, that is an example of emotional abuse.

A Swank Escort will never Disrespect you

Although a lot of your future relationships hold the chance of encountering an emotionally abusive partner, should you decide to indulge in a sexy swank companion, you will never need to worry about that again. Your Escort will always keep you as their number one priority.

Why should I hire an Escort instead of getting a Partner?

Holding down a steady relationship can severely impact your emotional health, if it goes sour, and can be very difficult to maintain if you have a very busy professional career. Sometimes it is just impossible to balance the two together, thus you will be made to pick between your career and relationship.

Reaching out to an Escort can not only give you the diversity needed to keep you romantic flames alive, such as by viewing a Sexy Gallery of London Companions but will always make sure that you are their number one focus. They will always work hard to ensure that you remain entertained and fully satisfied by the end of the date. Each Escort has her own personality and interests, that means conversations will always be extremely unique and you will always remain interested.

Instead of hearing the same thing day in and day out, an escort can truly add a hint of excitement to your life. With a varied array of dating locations to explore, as well as a hidden treasure trove of hidden pleasures hidden beneath her clothes, you will never need to pine for female (or male) company again.

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