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Welcome to Swank Blogs!

You may be wondering about why an Escorting Company actually needs a blog. But, let me tell you, an Escorting Website without a Daily Blog is like an oyster without a pearl. Take your time browsing all of our beauties within our Gallery, but once you get tired of scrolling and want some entertainment through Adult Content outside of Porn and Escorting Dates, then indulge in your literary side through one of our Swank Blogs.

Does an Escorting Site Require a Blog?

Whilst a Blog is not essential to the success of an Escorting Website, for that is dependent on the entertainment skills of your companions and the organisation of the agency itself, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little extra spice to an escorting platform. An Adult Blog can provide you with the context behind each of your escort's services and their daily professional lives. So take your time to scroll through our wide variety of blogs. They will be sure to tickle your literary palette.

Why focus on Adult Writing?

When it comes to the World of Escorting, it is notoriously difficult to learn anything about it. This is because of the controversial standing point of the business itself. Whilst selling sex is not illegal, it is illegal to own or run brothels. This is a sensitive topic and many escorts/agencies do not feel comfortable discussing it so openly.

However, Swank understands that this comes completely at the detriment of newer clients looking to begin using the services of an escort. Whether it is understanding the acronyms of sexual services, knowing whether to use an independent escort or agency or even just knowing how to treat their escort, it is clear that they will not be able to last very long on an agency's website without assistance.

This is where Swank will step in to assist these lost clients. We welcome all clients to our growing family and will use our blog to educate and inform. Swank fully intends to crack open the Escorting Trade and create informative blogs to make sure that all of the clients are fully prepared for a date.

Whilst dating an escort is not dissimilar to going out on a date with a normal woman, there are strict forms of etiquette that needs to be adhered to. Swank Blogs are ready to create trustworthy content that will entertain anyone who reads it. Stay informed by keeping an eye on (or following) our blog page!

Blog Topics

Here at Swank Escorts, we like all of our products to be simply perfect. Whether that is our website, our escorts or our blog, we know that our audience is expecting a high-quality of service. This is why we intend all of our blogs to cover a wide variety of topics. This includes:

Serious Escorting Topics

These topics will range from information about the escorting business as a whole to informative articles about how to act on a date. These articles will contain facts about your potential date, as well as how the escorting trade as a whole is able to function.

Humorous Escorting Topics

These will hold articles that contain less serious topics, such as some of the funniest escorting dates or the silliest escorting mistakes. These will be humour orientated and will always be able to tickle your funny bone.

News about Swank

Our blog will also be home to important updates about Swank and our services such as the new locations we're expanding into such as Barking or Dagenham. If you need assistance knowing about updates to any of our policies, this is the place to find it.

Keep a Sharp Eye on our Swank Blogs!

We aim to update our Blog Page every two weeks with fresh and vibrant content. We always want our clients to feel fully entertained and hope that our blogs will always bring a smile to your face. Should you have any of your own ideas that you want to see in a blog, or should you have any questions that you want to be answered in a blogging format, then we would be more than happy to include them in our Blog.

Feel free to send us in your ideas via our Email so that they can be fully understood and we can credit your idea accordingly.

Happy Reading!