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Everyone loves to be romanced. Girls like to feel special, and when a guy goes out of their way to show that they care and want their date to feel special it is certain to enhance the overall atmosphere. 

With all the years we’ve spent in the adult industry and quality companionship it’s obvious to see that those willing to go the extra mile reap the rewards of doing so. Of course, while it is true that when you book an escort they do whatever it takes to impress you, it goes a long way doing the same for them, something you’ll quickly realise if you follow some of the tips we’ll talk about in this blog.

So here are a few of our ideas:

Dress to impress

Personally, you might not feel that it’s particularly necessary to dress up for your date, but we can promise it does and it also means a great deal to our escorts. It shows them that you’ve put in as much effort to impress them as they will have for you. Simple things like this won't only improve your confidence but will add to making your overall experience unforgettable.

Set the mood 

For those of you who are booking an outcall escort, make sure you set the mood in your hotel or apartment so that you can create a romantic atmosphere. Start by lowering the lights, maybe play some relaxing music to help set the mood. You could also get out some candles, tidy up the place and maybe have a few drinks ready for both of you. Overall, it’s good to make an effort to impress.

Treat it like a real date 

If it’s the first time you're meeting your chosen companion, of course, you're going to want to make a good first impression like you would with any date! If you’re giving your all to impress the girl you’re with, she is going to notice and going to want to be more affectionate towards you. It’s always the little things a girl notices, even the stunning companions we have located across London.

Take a gift 

You’re not expected to go overboard with your gift, but even a little something can go a long way to impressing a London companion. Why not take some flowers, a bottle of nice wine, or perhaps something else that shows the lucky lady you’ve put plenty of thought into the time you will spend together.

The important thing to think is that all your efforts are worth it. Chances are they may have already had such an experience with someone else, but it doesn’t make your efforts any less significant in the eyes of your date. 

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