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What you see is what you get with Swank Escorts!

If you are looking for a sexy London escort online then you will be flooded with images of different ladies who have had professional photographs taken for their photographs. Whilst they may look fantastic, and honestly draw you towards booking them, the real problem comes with the idea that they may not be exactly who they say they are.

A lot of women nowadays who go into the escort industry send in pictures that are not of themselves. Instead, they look online for pictures of attractive women that either looks slightly similar to them or nothing like them. That's why most clients can feel a little uncomfortable when they try to book an escort online. It's because they genuinely do not know what they are getting themselves into and are practically meeting a stranger.

Well, you do not need to feel worried about this any longer. Instead of looking at the photos of a filtered London escort, why not check out the profiles of one of our sexy selfie escorts?

What is a Selfie Escort?

A Selfie escort is an adult companion that uploads photos of herself that she has taken on her own phone. These escorts in London use selfies in order to show what they look like in their normal lives. They may take pictures of themselves in mirrors to show off their favourite outfits, homes and what they normally get up to. Sometimes they even take sexy selfies where they will tease their clients with their voluptuous bodies.

What's so good about Swank's selfie escorts?

I think the real question here is "what is not to love about our selfie escorts?" The escorts London has to offer tend to all look the same. Our selfie companions all stand out as individuals. Do you still need some more convincing? Well, here are some additional reasons why you should take one of our selfie escorts out on a date:



Professional Photographs VS Selfies

Now, one of the main reasons why you may be feeling a bit iffy about booking an escort is due to what they look like. Yes, all of the escorts are jaw-droppingly beautiful and are ready to commit fully to you. But how do you know that what they look like in the photographs is what they look like in real life?

You don't want to be dragged into an emotional liaison with a catfish. Instead, you want a woman who is the real deal. Don't be fooled by the filters, photoshopping and lighting tricks used in professional profile pictures. Instead, take a look at some of the natural photos from our escorts. They are taken with their own phones and sent to us. That way, you can feel confident knowing that you are meeting up with a real person, and are not just booking a random photograph for a make-believe date.

Should I only look for Selfies to decide on my date?

Honestly, the answer to this is not as straightforward as "Yes! Go immediately for a selfie escort because you know she is real." Instead, you should take your time to go through our gallery of all the escorts who reside in London. The best escorts are those who use both selfies and professional photographs in their profile. That way you can get the best of both worlds. You can marvel over how good she can look when she is in a professional photo shoot, but also feel a sense of relief that she also looks stunning in a selfie.

Swank is the perfect London escort agency to book beautiful Selfie Escorts

With one sweep of our website, you will see how we cherish our selfie escorts and are always happy to put them in contact with you. If you are ready to book one of our selfie companions, you can book them either through Phone or our Online Booking Form. You will honestly have a fantastic time with our selfie escorts. They are certainly worth your time and will provide you with the romance you crave.

Have fun!